CITIC-Heavy Industries Co. Ltd


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CITIC HIC has a fabrication rate of 100,000t per annum including four outside fabrication locations.

We are very strong in construction and CITIC HIC have produced the following:

    Ø6m x 95m “King-Sized” Cement Kiln for the Conch Group

    Ø6.85m x 47m Pellet Kiln shell for the Wugang Group

    Ø7.8m x 1200m pressure pipe for the Xiaolangdi Dam Project.


CITIC HIC fabrication equipment includes:

    6 x 20m CNC Cutting Machines from Germany

    160/250mm x 4m & 105/200mm x 4m Hydraulic Plate Rollers from Italy

    10 sets of Automatic Welding Machines from Germany

    16m Edge Planner

    Large Automatic Welding Machine (Sweden)

    CNC PE tracing machine

    Automatic Positioner

    Many more

Automatic Welding Automatic Welding 6 x 20m CNC Cutter Dia 6.875 x 48m Wugang Pellet Plant 6 x 20m CNC Cutter