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  Mr. Zhangfa Yu

Chairman of CITIC HIC

Yu Zhangfa was born in 1967 and was appointed as chairman and party committee secretary of CITIC HIC. in April 2016. He is also a CCP member and professor level senior engineer with engineering master degree. He has vast experience with CITIC HIC and before being appointed  as Chairman he has held various positions within the company including, General Manager of Sales, ZPresidents assistant, Vice President, Director, General Manager and Party Committee Vice Secretary. Mr Yu Zhangfa is committed to continue the extraordinary development and growth of CITIC HIC by taking clients' requests and needs as the center, technology and innovation as the orientation and putting value promotion as the key point. CITIC HIC has the advantages of 'core manufacturing and comprehensive service' developed over 60 years of operation, Mr Yu zhangfa aims at further developing it into a truly international corporation with competitiveness at its core. This will maximize the benefits to its shareholders and customers while bringing enormous benefits to its emplyee's and the community through continuous excellence in operation and performance.